Property Managers

Property Managers , HOA’s and Businesses Have Special Needs

If you are a property manager,  handle the property maintenance for a Homeowner’s Association or are in charge of exterior maintenance for a business, you have a responsibility to your customers to provide a clean, safe environment. Not every pressure washing service is equipped to handle the cleaning needs of a commercial customer. Issues such as water reclaim that is mandated by the  EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency’s) Clean Water Act come into play. A commercial pressure washing company also needs the right equipment to perform your job efficiently and without risk of damage.

What To Look For In A Commercial Pressure Washing Company

Property Managers

  • The first and foremost is for the contractor to have the right amount and kinds of insurance. Your condominium cleaning or parking garage pressure washing job will dictate the amount of liability insurance a contractor should carry. UAMCC contractors have been certified to carry liability insurance policies. As a general rule of thumb, only legitimate companies carries insurance so considering a UAMCC commercial cleaning company is a step in the right direction.

An additional insurance that most state’s mandate is for a contractor that has employees to carry a Workmen’s Compensation policy.  This protects your business and/or your client from repercussions if a worker is hurt on a job site.

  • The contractor should have experience. Large projects such as parking garage cleaning and multi-story exterior washing is not something that every company is equipped to handle. Ask for a couple references of previous jobs. Call those references to make sure everything went well on their projects. Unforeseen circumstances arise. It is the experienced contractor that handles issues quickly and with competence.
  • The right equipment and labor force to meet project deadlines. Large surface concrete cleaning requires hot water pressure washers and surface cleaners. Retail storefront cleaning may have lower equipment demands.
  • A contractor should be in compliance with both EPA and OSHA standards of practice. Every jurisdiction has its own special requirements but please understand.. The EPA’s Clean Water Act is a federal law that basically stipulates that nothing but rain water can go down a storm sewer. The UAMCC staff has heard stories of businesses being fined in excess of $10,000 for a first occurrence. Talk to your contractor. He or she should be educated in your local requirements and meet the minimum standards for capturing wash water runoff.
  • Licensing requirements vary from state to state and even township to township. Check with your local municipality to be sure your contractor is licensed to perform work in your area.

The UAMCC Will Work With You

As a national organization, the UAMCC has the ability to mobilize qualified contractors. While we still recommend due diligence in following the guidelines above, we can get you started on an efficient path of finding a company that will fill your needs. If your needs are national, we will work with you to setup a good network of cleaners. This can be one less project in which you have to invest too much of your valuable time.

To have your commercial pressure washing project assessed, please contact us.