UAMCC Contractors

Standing Strong For Mobile Cleaning Contractors

The UAMCC is an organization that is driven by a contractor agenda. Where the reach of a single company owner may be limited, the strength of being a part of a national mobile cleaning association is immense. Here are some of the tools UAMCC membership will provide to help any sized company become more successful.

Job Leads For Contractors

The UAMCCwebsite is a portal for people searching the internet for pressure washing services. Not just a site that sits in the background of the web hoping for hits and search engine rank, the organization’s website utilizes professional web service providers to get the UAMCC noticed on the internet. The result is qualified and targeted pressure washing leads sent right to your email. From deck cleaning and restoration to commercial concrete cleaning to any of the hundreds of niche services, being a part of the UAMCC gives you an opportunity to get leads that turn into work.

In addition to the website, the UAMCC is partnered with an RFP service. If you don’t know what an RFP is, it is merely an acronym for Request For Proposal. These are the leads that are given out by cities, nationwide retailers, food chains and property managers. The UAMCC will also be parking those on the doorstep of its membership.

The organization has already been approached by a property manager that services hundreds of parking garages. this is just one example of what will be coming down the road.

A Shopping List Of Savings and Benefits

You may be in an area that does not generate a ton of job leads. So what else can the UAMCC offer? How about savings that all contractors can use to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year.

Over $350 in gift cards from Associate Members! Check out all the discounts here!

This is just the beginning. To read all of the benefits of being a member, visit our benefits page.

Networking With Other Contractors

There comes a time in every contractors life where he needs a little help. What chemical will clean best? How many postcards should I send out? The UAMCC has a pressure washing forum that is very active and is filled with some of the great minds of the industry. No matter what information you seek, there will be someone that has been through the same issue and will help you move through it successfully.

In addition to our forum, the UAMCC holds an annual convention where distributors, manufacturers and contractors come together. Expert speakers from both inside the industry and outside of it give speeches and seminars. the enthusiasm and knowledge you can take from one of these events is priceless.

Help With Government Agencies and Municipalities

Government agencies can often run with knee-jerk reactions to issues such as drought and water reclamation. Having a national voice behind you is preventative medicine. The UAMCC has an Environmental Committee lead by Tony Shelton and Scott Stone to assist in dealing with environmental issues. The organization is also willing and able to participate in issues that affect cleaning contractors in each region of the continental United States.

Changing The Perception Of The Industry

For many years the pressure washing has not been taken seriously. There are many would-be company owners out there that mean well but just do not understand how to price their services. For us as contractors that means the public perceives our service as a commodity.. anyone can do it. As a professional you know that this is not true. The UAMCC has joined forces with a large direct mail company called Direct Media. This company will help spread the word about the pressure washing industry. Combined with raising the standards of cleaning and promoting professionalism, UAMCC contractors will steadily raise the public perception of the mobile cleaning industry.

Saving The Best For Last

The UAMCC has another trick up its sleeve to continue promoting the pressure washing industry. The Wash With Us™ campaign. This program groups UAMCC contractors to perform large scale cleaning services for charity. The UAMCC handles the public relations and marketing to drive attention to these events. As contractors we believe you get back much more than you give. Charity and volunteer services such as Wash With Us™ are a no lose proposition. The amount of media coverage is one that could not be bought.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

The UAMCC is a legal, non-profit organization recognized by the federal government and incorporated in the state of California. The majority of all membership funds go right back into furthering the organization.

Contractor Membership is as low as $7.50 per week when paid by the year. In most places that amount will not even buy you three cups of coffee.

If you are on a tight budget, the UAMCC has a payment plan you may find more to your liking.