Hands on Training

  • National Cleaning Expo.com is holding meetings Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb & March  for students that want to learn a variety of washing Skills. 
  • Pressure Washing institute Is Also providing Free Events During the Months of Nov, Dec, Jan Feb & March 2021 & 2022

    Every journey starts with a first step.

    This institution  is intended to be a first step. Every student will leave not only with tools, hands on experience, and classroom instruction but also with a list of resources for ongoing instruction. This way they can continue learning and developing the new skills needed to become the best mobile cleaner  cleaner they can.

  • Softwash Systems also offers education opportunities through out the year. Check their website for more information.
  • PWNA is offering classes in several areas. For a complete listing of classes offered visit www.pwna.org.
  • Power Wash University is a on-site, hands-on, on-the-job pressure washing and cleaning school. For their complete list of classes and schedule, click here.
  • Doug Rucker’s School is located in Houston, Texas and has a monthly schedule. Visit their website for more details.Here are the Dates for The 2015 Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning
  • School for 2021.

        January 12-13         February 9-10
         March 8-9                April 12-13
         May 10-11               June 14-15
        July 12-13                 August 09-10
        September 13-14     October 11-12
        November 8-9            December 6-7 From the website: Pressure Washing School  

Doug Rucker’s School is 1 1/2 days of “Hands On” and Class Room training for those that would like to learn or start a residential pressure washing and or roof cleaning business. The School is located in the Houston Texas area and is owned and operated by Doug Rucker owner of Clean and Green Solutions, a Kingwood Texas based Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Company.

Please note: there is a fee for this event. See website for details.

Pressure Cleaning School TrainingPressure Cleaning School TrainingPressure Cleaning School Training

  • Ability Services offers hood cleaning training. Check out their website for more details. Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaner. Locally owned and managed by Paul Schneider.
  • IWCA provides online safety training. Modules can be used for new employees. Click here for the complete list.
  • Deck Restoration Plus: Everett Abrams of Deck Restoration Plus will be teaching a 2-Day Boot Camp for individuals and companies to learn wood restoration, repair, and maintenance practices for success. The class includes a Detailed Manual, Class Room Setting, Hands-on Demos, and a Certificate of Completion. Discount available for any UAMCC Member. Click here for details.
  •    Staining University    The Only Top Notch Training to Quickly Accelerate Your Success in Any Staining Market
    This program is great for established businesses like fencing, decking, painting or pressure washing contractors who want to add a staining service to their current business plan. Or entrepreneurs who want to kick the nine to five and get freedom in their lives.


  • OSHA Training is available online. This training can be applied to certification qualifications. Click Here for more details.
  • John Tornabene From Clean County Power Washing professional parking garage cleaning class.

Parking garage cleaning expert John Tornabene of Clean County Powerwashing has been asked for years to share his specialized knowledge of professional parking garage cleaning. This is your chance to learn the ins and outs, tips and tricks and the art of bidding, landing and cleaning commercial parking garages of all sizes.





*If you know about an event or you are hosting an event an would like it included, please email info@uamcc.org. Thank you!