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Establishing Best Management Practices

disaster cleanupCities, counties and municipalities across the United States quite often have questions in establishing BMP’s for their jurisdiction as it relates to the federal Clean Water Act(CWA). The UAMCC is available for consultation in any jurisdiction across the continental United States. The UAMCC will work with you in establishing a set of BMP’s that are reasonable, rational and logical. Compliance for contractors is a simple manner with the right guidelines. Environmental pressure washing, when performed correctly, can improve the quality of storm runoff by lowering the amount of dirt and oil that enters storm drains.

The UAMCC’s environmental consultant is Scott Stone.

Disaster, Flood and Fire Cleanup

Flood CleanupThe UAMCC can coordinate larger scale cleanup efforts to assist areas affected by natural disasters. UAMCC contractors have the means to clean and sanitize after floods, eliminate carbon ash from rooftops and buildings after wildfires, and group collectively to cleanup disaster areas.

Quick cleanup will allow homeowners and business owners to get back to their property more quickly.

To get in touch with the UAMCC environmental concerns committee, please call 800-816-3240. The organization will assign a representative to handle your concerns and needs.