FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Homeowners:

What is the UAMCC?
UAMCC stands for United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners, a national 501c6 committed to promoting the benefit and value of the mobile contract cleaning profession.  Members (to) of  the UAMCC provide commercial and residential cleaning services to interior and exterior commercial and residential structures.

Why should I hire a UAMCC contractor?
Membership in a national organization is a great way to measure the commitment a contractor has to his, or her, trade and business.  When joining, UAMCC members first agree to a code of ethics to provide quality service and professional customer service.  UAMCC contractors are also connected online to a nationwide network of other contractors that help promote continuing education through articles, webinars, and mentorships.  This lifelong learning environment helps breed an environment of continual improvement in their trade and in turn, better results and service for you the customer.

What is UAMCC certification?
Members displaying a “UAMCC Certified” badge or emblem are awarded to companies who have been in business greater than one year, and successfully completed with a passing grade one of our certification exams.  Individual exams ask specific questions targeted to measure a contractor’s familiarity and prove a thorough understanding of topics such as wash water control, roof cleaning, wood restoration, hard surface sealing, and more.  Hiring a certified contractor can provide you with the peace of mind that a knowledgeable contractor is at work on your property.

Is the UAMCC a Union?
Membership in the UAMCC is voluntary and unlike a labor union does not involve any bargaining or negotiations such as those in employee/employer environments.  UAMCC members are most often self-employed small businesspersons, with a common goal: to protect and promote the integrity of their business, the value of their services, and the quality of their work.

How can I locate a UAMCC contractor?
To view local UAMCC members in your area, visit our member directory located on the upper navigation bar on the UAMCC homepage, or by clicking the link to “Find a Contractor” on the right hand side of the page.

FAQ for UAMCC Members:

What are the different levels of Membership?
The UAMCC has 3 membership categories.  Free memberships are available to anyone with access to our bulletin boards. Contributing members are our paid contractor members.  Associate memberships are for industry suppliers, vendors, or manufacturers.  Individuals or companies that qualify for Contributing membership and Associate membership may choose based on the category that best represents their primary source of business income.

How much are membership dues? 
FREE MEMBERSHIPS allow limited access to the UAMCC online forum and are available free of charge.

CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS pay a one-time fee of $349, and yearly renewal of $149 if on auto-renewal.  These payments can be made with a one-time credit card payment.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS pay a yearly membership fee of $459.

What do my dues pay for?
Membership dues provide the resources necessary to run daily operations of the organization.  We have a paid office administer, as well as recurring utility, web hosting and management expenses.  Dues money is also used to fund industry event sponsorships, resources for members, and organization participation in trade shows to promote UAMCC members.

How can I get more involved?
The UAMCC has numerous committees comprised of members to address environmental issues, manage our certification process, outreach to new members, web development, and membership management.  Contact any of the current BOD members to find out more about a committee that interests you.

How does UAMCC address regional issues?
Environmental directors for each geographic region work with closely with our BOD to keep abreast of new regulations and enforcement reported to us by UAMCC membership.  If you are having trouble with environmental compliance within your city or state, or have questions about EPA guidelines, contact your local UAMCC representative to discuss resources and assistance the UAMCC may be able to provide as you work with local authorities.

Management FAQs:

Who runs the UAMCC?
The actions of the UAMCC are governed by an elected Board of Directors which includes 4 officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and 5 At-Large representatives.  Daily administrative tasks are performed by our office administrator, Nichole Anglin.

How can I join the BOD?
Elections are held every two years, and votes may be cast by any donating member current on dues.  You may be nominated by a fellow UAMCC member and contacted by a committee to accept or decline your nomination.  When nominations are complete, ballots are generated and distributed to all current Contributing Members.  Members may vote for each of the 4 officer positions and cast a maximum of 5 votes for At-Large BOD slots.

How are meetings conducted within the Board of Directors?
Currently, the elected BOD meets via conference call on a monthly basis to conduct official organization business and voting.  These meeting minutes are recorded and posted following approval at the following month’s BOD meeting.  All Board meetings are conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order.

What is the Tax Status of the UAMCC?
UAMCC is a registered corporation organized in March of 2009 by filing of documents with the State of California.  The UAMMC is a non-profit, non-stock, tax-exempt organization allowable under IRS code 1986 section 501(c)-6.  501(c)-6 status allows for exemption of business leagues, chambers of commerce, boards of trade and professional football leagues, not organized for profit.  A business league is defined as an association of professionals with common business interest.  For more information on the UAMCC’s tax or corporate status please contact the Board of Directors.  Membership dues are tax deductible.