Midwest Softwash

Midwest Softwash

Midwest Softwash
Nick Guentzel
 360 Pierce Avenue
North Mankato
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Midwest Softwash is a pressure washing company that specializes in low pressure cleaning solutions to the exterior surfaces of both residential and commercial buildings.

What is Soft Washing?
Soft washing is the safer more effective alternative to pressure washing. Midwest Softwash uses biodegradable antimicrobial solutions to gently and effectively remove bacteria, lichen, moss, mold, mildew and viruses deep inside the pores of building surfaces with very low pressure. Unlike pressure washing, which only blasts grime off the surface, soft washing achieves a deeper clean and will not damage the exterior of the building. This cleaning method also breaks down bug nests and spider webs. Soft washing keeps surfaces clean 3 - 5 times longer and uses significantly less water. It is not damaging to your home like the high power of pressure washing. This means that your paint, wood decks, fences, and roofs will last longer (saving you money over time). Soft washing is the safest method for cleaning most all exterior surfaces.

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