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UAMCC Committee Structure


Executive Board of  Directors

Board of Directors

Executive Director

Oversight Committee


-Hard Surface Certification Committee

-HVAC Certification Committee

-Fleet Washing Certification Committee

-Roof Cleaning Certification Committee

-Safety Certificate Completion Committee

-Wash Water Control Certification Committee

-Window Cleaning Certification Committee

-Wood Restoration Certification Committee

Associate Committee 

-Convention Committee

Membership/ Benefits Committee

-Communications Committee

-Newsletter Committee

Education Committee

-Environmental Awareness Committee

-Safety Awareness Committee

Industry Relations Committee

Elections Committee

Special Committees Created for Projects

-Web Committee 

-Bylaws Committee

-Blogging Committee



2014-2016 UAMCC Current Committee Members


Oversight Committee

Meets every second Tuesday, 11 am Eastern

Phone 724-444-7444

Call ID: 141254


Bryan Goolsby

Mike Garza 

Dawn Evans

Certification/Standards/Practice Committee
Meets every first Tuesday, 1 pm Eastern
Phone 724-444-7444
Call ID: 141255

Bill Booz-Chair
Blaine Krugerud-Chair

Hard Surface Sealing Committee
David Phillips-Chair
Clark Hussey-Chair
Jon Chapman
Russ Heitman
Rich Colletti
Craig Harrison 

HVAC Coil Cleaning Committee
Tony Shelton-Chair
Matt Norman-Chair
Chris Shelton
Tom Cusick 
Paul Kassander 
Bryan Henson
Anthony Longo

Fleet Wash Committee
Blaine Krugerud-Chair
Mike Woolley-Chair 
Nate Farrier

Roof Cleaning Committee
Bill Booz- Chair
Doug Rucker-Chair
Chris Madden 
Ed Thompson 
Brian Friel

Wash Water Control Committee
Scott Stone-Chair 
Jerry McMillen-Chair
Tony Shelton
Ron Musgraves
Doug Rucker
Paul Kassander
Tony Richardson

Window Cleaning Certification Committee
Tony Evans - Chair
Dawn Evans
John Catacutan
Andrew Snyder
Job Welker

Wood Restoration Certification Committee
Everett Abrams 
Charlie Soden
Henry Bockman

Associate Member Committee 
Meets every first Thursday of the month, 1 pm Eastern
Phone Number: 724-444-7444
Call ID: 141256

Paul Kassander Russ Johnson Mary-Elizabeth Smith
Mike Woolley Stephen Harned Phil Kircher
John Wieber Terry Craycaft Phillip Alexander
Jake Clark Denise Tyo Linda Chambers
Edward Marshiseli Arrie Parker AC Lockyer
Blaine Krugerud Steve Blythe David Phillips
John Salvia Matt Ruff Jim Burgess
Henry Bockman Joe Walters Ryan Moats
Jonathan Martin Jason Wellman Carl Harry
Everett Abrams Shawn Gavin Linda Bockman
Kev McConnell Tracy Handl Tara Jacobsen
Mark McIntyre Paul Asaro Christine Richter
Bettye Gonzales Darrel Sharp Juan Pietri
Mary Walsh Manny Ochsenreiter Michael Brown
Fayth Shelton Jerry McMillen Adam Kopcho
Bob Gruetzmacher David Carroll Craig Neil
Craig Harrison Greg Blanchard Dan Layden


Convention Committee
Meets every Tuesday, 2 pm Eastern
Phone 724-444-7444
Call ID 141315  

Andrew Snyder  John Catacutan Paul Kassander
Colm Fidgeon  John Neilson David Carroll
Ron Musgraves Lisa Seitz Steve Blyth
Todd Reese Andy Vickers Linda Chambers
Russ Johnson Jeri Collins Shawn Gavin
Doug Rucker Terrance McKenna Everett Abrams
Eric Seitz    


Membership and Benefits Committee
Meets every first Thursday 2PM Eastern
Phone: 724-444-7444 Call ID: 141257


Jillian Shelton
Jacob Dehl
Chris Apple
Bryan Henson
Bryan Goolsby
Rodney Brown
George Clarke

Communications/Current Events, Articles

Charlie Soden-Chair 

LeiLani Chostner-Chair 

Morgan Booz

Linda Chambers


Newsletter Committee
Meets every other Wednesday, 12 pm Eastern
Phone number: 724-444-7444
Call ID: 141316 

Morgan Booz Eric Seitz
Lisa Seitz Everett Abrams
Dawn Evans Jerry McMillen
John Neilson Ramon Burke
Craig Harrison Gene Beck
Bill Booz Rob Hardesty
Guy Blackmon Jason Temple
Doug Rucker Charles Daniels
Tony Evans  Meg Josetti
Linda Chambers Scott Stone
Igor Zaric Stephen Harned



Education Committee

LeiLani Chostner- Chair

Ron Musgraves- Chair 


Environmental Awareness Committee
Meets every second Tuesday 1 pm Eastern
Phone Number: 724-444-7444 Call ID: 141259

Scott Stone- US Director 

Tony Shelton US Director

Jerry McMillen US Associate Director 

Mike Woolly CA Associate Director  

Click here to view the UAMCC National Environmental Team

Safety Awareness Committee
Andrew Snyder

Ray Burke
Bill Booz

David D'Eramo


Industry Relations Committee
Steven Button


Elections Committee
Charlie Soden

Guy Blackmon

John Orr


Special Committees Created for Projects:

Web Committee

Doug Rucker


ByLaws Committee
John Orr
Blaine Krugerad


Social Media Committee
Meets every other Wednesday, 11 am Eastern

Phone number: 724-444-7444
Call ID: 141317

Todd Reese- Chair John Neilson
Kristy White- Chair Luis Michael Orts
Doug Rucker Jimmy Jackson
David Carroll Timothy Teed
Jon Welker Scott Davidson
Tim Nunez William Davis
David D'Eramo Dawn Evans
Jeremy Dent Michael Laskowski
Mario Chet Tony Creighton

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