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Thread: UAMCC Certified Members Checklist

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    Default UAMCC Certified Members Checklist

    We are doing an audit and didn't want to miss any certified members. If you believe you have been verified and have taken a test within the past 3 years please post on this thread or text 714-794-4058 and we will update your listing. Only post on this thread if your name isn't listed below. Reminder: please provide a photo in your original thread that you created to qualify for certification to get your certification badge. (Reminder: You will need to be logged in to post on the forum) Click Here to locate the thread.

    Aaron Ritchie
    Aaron Bohnert
    AC Lockyer
    Adam Austin
    AJ Dhanowa
    Andrew Snyder
    Bill Booz
    Bill McMahon
    Bira Galliani
    Blaine Krugerud
    Bob Keenan
    Bryan Goolsby
    Chad Peal
    Charles Soden
    Charles Daniels
    Chris Apple
    Chris Reinhardt
    Colm Fidgeon
    Connor Lang
    Craig Harrison
    Dan Dykstra
    Daniel Simmons
    Dave Negri
    David D'Eramo
    Dennis Sahr
    Doug Rucker
    Ed Thompson
    Eric Holmes
    Eric Smith
    Eric Hemming
    Fausto Rodriguez
    Gene O'Neil
    George Clarke
    Gilbert Wright
    Guy Blackmon
    Halston Barney
    Jake Allen
    James Twist
    Jared Chanowsky
    Jason Temple
    Jason Reider
    Jeff Jacobs
    Jeff Southern
    Jeremy White
    Jim Prom
    Joe Devenow
    John Neilson
    John Burdine
    Jon Welker
    Jon Karmazyn
    Josh Pitts
    Josh Scavetta
    Joshua Gray
    Joshua Williams
    Kristy White
    Lenny Schrecengost
    Lester Bowes
    Lisa Seitz
    Matt Norman
    Michael DeRose
    Michael Wedge
    Mike Woolley
    Nick Weissenberger
    Omar Omar
    Priscilla Whiteaker
    Rance Tilley
    Randy Wahl
    Ray Evangelista
    Rick Atkins
    Rob Hallen
    Robert Hartfiel
    Rodney Hudson
    Ron Musgraves
    Scot Sockriter
    Scott Stone
    Shane Mckinney
    Shawn Sween
    Stephen Ferguson
    Steve Button
    Tim McConnell
    Tony Evans
    Tony Creighton
    Tony Richardson
    Tony Shelton
    Walt Edwards
    Winston Glover

    How to get certified
    Alex Hennessey
    Executive Director at UAMCC
    Tanner Lopez
    Administrative Assistant at UAMCC
    Visit for upcoming events

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    Default Re: UAMCC Certified Members Checklist

    Yes, I have.

    Sent from my SM-G955U using UAMCC mobile app
    Nick Weissenberger
    Hydra Clean

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    Default Re: UAMCC Certified Members Checklist

    I am not on the above list, though I am certified in Window Cleaning and have also passed the Safety Awareness test. Thank you!
    Dawn Evans
    A New View Exterior Cleaning

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    Default Re: UAMCC Certified Members Checklist

    I have passed the roof cleaning cert and am not on the list.

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    I was certified in roof cleaning earlier this year.
    Jason Murphy
    HydroClean Pressure Washing
    Hickory, NC

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