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Safe Roof Cleaning
Contact: Josh Scavetta
Address: 160 Oak St. Unit 202
City: Glastenbury
State: Connecticut
State Dropdown: Connecticut
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Postcode: 6033
Telephone: 860-559-5943

We provide a plethora of different services for our residential and commercial clients. Our services include:

Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning:
We apply 1 to 2 coats of our roof cleaning treatment solution to your roof, removing all black streaking and killing all the dead growth. We then let the weather and rain take the surface layer off naturally.

Cedar Shingle Roof Cleaning:
We apply two to three coats of our cleaning solution to cedar shingles, which require extra coats because of the small crevices unique to cedar shingles.

House Wash:
We wash all types of siding on homes. We use low pressure, NEVER high pressure, to wash away dirt, grime and algae that form on the siding of your home. All of our products are 100% biodegradable and safe. Our cleaning lasts longer because our innovated products

Deck and Patio Wash:
We offer both power washing and soft washing of your deck and patio. We use the soft wash process to kill algae and clean your deck completely. This process significantly brightens decks and removes the slick surface left by algae or moss. We do offer a power wash although the power wash is primarily used to remove moss, dead paint or stain. Typically we recommend sanding the cleaned surfaces before stain or paint is applied.

Gutter Brightening Scrub:
Our technicians manually scrub those black streaks off your gutters with our 100% biodegradable cleaning solution. 95% of the time we can get your gutters looking brand new.

Roof Algae Preventative Treatment:
Our preventative treatment keeps unwanted algae, moss and lichen from returning to your roof. It generally doubles the life expectancy of your roof and comes with our 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Contact: Sam Garnett
Address: 14 Tanglewood Circle
City: Ft Walton Beach
State: Florida
State Dropdown: Florida
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Postcode: 32547
Telephone: 850-319-5206
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Residential Pressure Washing in Ft Walton Beach, FL, 32547

Concrete Pressure Washing

Gutter Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Deck Cleaning

Power Washing

Scenic Valley Enterprises LLC
Contact: Timothy Baldwin
Address: 1691 Buchanan Valley Road
City: Orrtanna
State: Pennsylvania
State Dropdown: Pennsylvania
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Postcode: 17353
Telephone: 717-677-0515

Residential Cleaning in Orrtanna, PA, 17353

Services Include:

House Washing

Lawn Care

Roof Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning

Concrete Brightening


Schmidt Exterior Cleaning
Contact: Leslie Schmidt
Address: 7088 Old 57 Rd.
City: Greenleaf
State: Wisconsin
State Dropdown: Wisconsin
Rating (average): (0)
Postcode: 54126
Telephone: 920-428-5200

Pressure Washing, Concrete Cleaning, Agricultural, & Metal Roof Cleaning

Service Area: Wisconsin

Sea to Summit Pressure Washing
Contact: Len Sutton
Address: 105 Fleetwood Ct
City: Liberty
State: South Carolina
State Dropdown: South Carolina
Rating (average): (0)
Postcode: 29657
Telephone: 864-653-0123

Sea to Summit Pressure Washing llc (a local company) specializes both in residential and commercial exterior cleaning needs. We believe strongly that high pressure washing techniques have no place on or around your home. Instead of blasting your property into oblivion that can cause damage to paint, rip screens, break the seals on window glass, and force water inside your home around windows and doors, Sea to Summit Pressure Washing utilizes a safe “Low Pressure” cleaning techniques often called SoftWashing that gently – yet effectively – removes mold, mildew, dirt, grime, algae, pollen, dust, cob webs, and other contaminates. Our cleansers emulsify and remove grime without putting the exterior of your home in jeopardy and we are capable of cleaning up to 4 stories high without the use of ladders or lifts. When cleaning windows we use de-ionized pure water which eliminates spotting and streaking. Along with using de-ionized water, we use water fed poles which also allow us to go 4 stories high without the use of a man lift making hard terrain easy to navigate. Are the shingles on your roof showing ugly dark spots and streaks? We can safely remove the Gloeocapsa Magma algae as well as lichen and roof moss with non-pressure washing procedures and cleaning solutions recommended and approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association.

Contact: Terry Jurgensmeyer
Address: 605 Henley Ave
City: Miami
State: Oklahoma
State Dropdown: Oklahoma
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Postcode: 74354
Telephone: 918-542-7797

We specialize in: roofs, driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, walls, walkways, curbs, fences, docks, tennis courts, commercial buildings, store fronts, and parking lots.

Owner: Steve Wolford
Contact: Steve Wolford
Address: 185 n grand st
City: Orange
State: California
State Dropdown: California
Rating (average): (0)
Postcode: 92866
Telephone: 833-564-6836

Contract cleaning in Orange, CA 92866
Services include:

– Pressure Washing

– Concrete Cleaning

– Rust Removal

– House Cleaning

– Roof Cleaning

Contact: Curt Snook
Address: 56 South Center ST.
City: Saranac
State: Michigan
State Dropdown: Michigan
Rating (average): (0)
Postcode: 48881
Telephone: 616-788-3496

Residential Pressure Washing in Saran, MI, 48881

Concrete Pressure Washing

Gutter Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Deck Cleaning

Power Washing

Sharp Exterior Cleaning
Owner: Josh Sharp
Contact: Josh Sharp
Address: 3526 E. Meadow ln.
City: Dickinson
State: Texas
State Dropdown: Texas
Rating (average): (0)
Postcode: 77539
Telephone: 713-885-4152

Residential Cleaning in Dickinson, TX 77539

Wood Restoration

Pressure Washing

Roof Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Simply Clean Power Wash
Contact: Matt Pollack
Address: 805 S Maumee St
City: Tecumseh
State: Michigan
State Dropdown: Michigan
Rating (average): (0)
Postcode: 49286
Telephone: 5179021369

Residential Pressure Washing in Tecumseh, Michigan 49286

Concrete Pressure Washing

Gutter Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Deck Cleaning

Power Washing

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